10 Underrated Kids’ Movies From The 1990s That You Forgot Existed

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  • Many forgotten children’s films from the ’90s deserve to be remembered and rewatched by the audiences who grew up with them, despite their obscurity.

  • These films, like Monkey Trouble and Clubhouse Detectives, hold a special place in the hearts of those who watched them as children and offer entertaining and heartwarming stories.

  • From the jagged chaos of Honey, I Blew Up the Kid to the action-packed Small Soldiers and the heartfelt journey of Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, these films capture the magic and essence of the ’90s or before for a generation growing up during that time.

As time goes by, children’s films can become distant memories, which is why there are some classics in the genre that many have probably forgotten. The public often wonders: “Where does that come from?‘ only to realize it’s from an obscure children’s movie watched a long time ago. While Disney’s like animated classics The lionking And Aladdin remain iconic, there is an abundance of lesser-known gems from the era. While they may not be the best films of their time, they deserve to be remembered.

Despite their obscurity, some forgotten films from the 1990s hold a special place in the hearts of those who grew up with them. In an age where Disney’s timeless classics are being revived through streaming services and Disney’s divisive live-action remakes, it’s important to shine a light on overlooked classic childhood treasures. Many of these films deserve to be rewatched, or at least remembered, by the now adult audiences who once enjoyed their magic.

10 Monkey Problems (1994)

In the 1994 children’s film Monkey trouble, Eva (played by Thora Birch) struggles with feelings of loneliness after the birth of her brother. While her parents’ attention is focused on her new sibling, Eva befriends a mischievous monkey named Dodger, unaware that he has escaped from a thieving traveler named Arzo (played by Harvey Keitel). Dodger’s criminal skills get Eva into trouble as they embark on escapades across the city, but also draw unwanted attention from Arzo. The heartwarming comedy showcases the entertaining challenges that come with bonding with an unconventional pet, highlighting the comedic struggles Eva faces as she attempts to potty train Dodger and change his kleptomaniac ways.

9 Clubhouse Detectives (1997)

Clubhouse detective film

The little known film Clubhouse Detectives plays Billy, a young boy who is awakened from his sleep one night by strange noises coming from the neighboring house. While peering through the blinds, he witnesses a shocking crime committed by their neighbor, Michael Chambers. However, when no one believes him, Billy, along with the help of his brother and their three friends, embarks on a mission to unravel the mystery. The Clubhouse detectives are determined to prove the truth about the murderous events they witnessed as they strive to find the body in Chambers’ home before he loses all traces of evidence and escapes justice.

8 Honey, I Blew Up The Kid (1992)

Honey, I blew up the kid

While Honey, I shrunk the kids Considered a classic children’s film, the 1992 sequel tends to slip under the radar. Honey, I blew up the kid is the story that takes a whimsical turn when eccentric inventor Wayne Szalinski accidentally activates a machine that causes his toddler son Adam to experience sporadic growth spurts, transforming him into a hulking, kaiju-like toddler. Featuring some of the cast from the original Honey, I shrunk the kidsthis film introduces special effects to bring the giant baby concept to life. The film also features a subplot involving Wayne’s teenage son, Nick, and his crush, Mandy, providing a little teen romance amid the gigantic baby chaos.

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7 Little Soldiers (1998)

Small soldier film

Little soldiers, directed by Joe Dante, is a relic of the ’90s and captures the essence of that era for a generation that grew up on similar action figures. The story revolves around two groups of toys, the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite, each equipped with advanced AI chips that give them life. Alan, played by Gregory Smith, discovers and befriends the Gorgonites. The film combines action and humor, with notable voice talents from Tommy Lee Jones, Frank Langella and Jim Cummings adding to the mix. It also marks the final on-screen appearance of the late Phil Hartman.

6 Rock-A-Doodle (1991)

Rock-a-Doodle movie

Rock-a-Doodle, often overlooked, tells the story of Chanticleer, a rooster with striking similarities to Elvis Presley in both appearance and voice, performed by country singer Glen Campbell. At first, the farm animals attribute the rising of the sun to Chanticleer’s crowing. However, when Chanticleer misses a morning crow and the sun still rises, the barnyard mocks him as an impostor. Heartbroken, Chanticleer heads to the city, where he finds stardom as “The king.The focus of the film is on the farm animals’ journey to bring Chanticleer back to the farm, as his crow indeed has the power to put an end to the persistent rainstorms.

5 Blank Check (1994)

Blank Check Movie

A film that should be watched more often Blank check, a story about Preston, a boy who wishes he were a millionaire. His wish comes true when Preston gets a blank check from a mob boss after a close call with a car. A series of coincidences led to a bank manager accidentally cashing the $1 million check. The film follows Preston’s extravagant spending spree, from lavish parties to expensive meals and even an attempt to impress an FBI agent. Although the film raises plausibility issues regarding its cost, it remains an intriguing ’90s kids’ film, bringing together comedy and adventure in a complicated, but fun plot.

4 A Crazy Movie (1995)

A crazy movie

Maybe not 100% forgotten as it is often mentioned as a hidden Disney gem, A crazy movie is a great reminder of a simpler time. Set years after the Gooftroop series, the story follows Goofy’s son Max as he plans to attend a Powerline concert with his crush Roxanne, but Goofy insists on taking a father-son road trip to bond. Max tries to reroute the journey to the concert, resulting in a classic, humorous road trip with ’90s references. Despite its silliness, which makes sense, the film effectively combines humor and moving character moments. The father-son dynamic between Max and Goofy is genuine, making A crazy movie a highlight in the world of animated children’s films.

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3 Homebound: The Incredible Journey (1993)


Homebound: The Incredible Journey is a heartwarming remake of the 1963 classic with a few changes, centering on three talking pets: a golden retriever, a cat and a bulldog puppy. Due to a misunderstanding, they believe they have been abandoned by their family, who entrusted them to the care of a friend during a temporary move. Determined to reunite with their owners, the trio embarks on a remarkable journey through mountains and plains, full of humorous bickering and memorable adventures. As they encounter challenges and obstacles, their bond grows stronger, turning this forgotten ’90s children’s film into a heartwarming story about loyalty, perseverance, and the unbreakable bond between pets and their human companions.

2 We are back! A Dinosaur Story (1993)

We're back, a dinosaur story

Around the cinematic spectacle of Jurassic Parkincluding a Steven Spielberg production We are back! The story of a dinosaur, an animated adventure that brought dinosaurs into the modern age through a more budget-friendly method: animation. Based on the children’s book by Hudson Talbott, the film follows four intelligent, anthropomorphic dinosaurs brought from the ancient past to modern-day New York City by Captain Neweyes, a brilliant scientist. Their mission is to get Dr. Julia Bleeb at the Natural History Museum and bring joy to children. This magical story offers a kid-friendly alternative to the blockbuster success of Jurassic Parkwhich reflects its own unique charm and imaginative storytelling.

1 Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead (1991)

Christina Applegate on the phone in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

Set in a summery, contemporary retro atmosphere Don’t tell Mom that the babysitter is dead, follows 17-year-old Sue Ellen Crandell (played by Christina Applegate) as she faces an unexpected responsibility when the babysitter dies. In her mother’s absence, Sue Ellen takes it upon herself to support her four siblings during the summer by finding work in the fashion industry. Adventures of scams and ’90s fashion trends dominate the film, with Sue Ellen’s dedication to keeping her mother out of the country becoming a central theme. Don’t tell Mom that the babysitter is dead may not have been a blockbuster, but it did gain a devoted following on cable, making it a success children’s movie classic.

source : screenrant.com

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