As opposition grows to sellout auto contracts, Biden and Fain hold “back to work” rally

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President Joe Biden speaks with United Auto Workers at the Boone County Community Building Complex, Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023, in Belvidere, Illinois. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

While thousands demonstrated in Chicago on Thursday against Joe Biden’s support for the Israeli genocide, Biden and United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain held a joint rally two hours away in Belvidere, Illinois, to promote the sellout deal signed last week agreed upon by the UAW bureaucracy and the Big Three car companies.

The UAW-Biden event shed light on the two-front war the American ruling class is waging around the world.

Fain and Biden had nothing but praise for each other and for the tentative agreements, which perpetuate the hated system, block the transition of “part-time” temporary workers, fail to make up for decades of declining wages and pave the way for mass job losses due to the switch to electric vehicles.

Fain viewed this sell-off as a victory and thanked Biden for “the support the White House has shown throughout this fight,” adding that “now we move forward.” Biden returned the compliment to Fain, saying, “You’ve done a great job,” praising the contracts as “historic” and “game changers.”

In presenting the contracts as completed deals, both Fain and Biden forgot one small detail: the constituency.

Neither mentioned that the vast majority of the Big Three’s nearly 150,000 employees have not yet voted on the contract, or that major factories that have voted have voted down the contract in recent days, including GM Flint Assembly, Romulus Powertrain, Marion Stamping and Pontiac. Stamping/drivetrain.

The entire establishment disdains the most basic democratic rights of workers. Fain and the UAW leadership called off all strikes at the Big Three and ordered workers to return before even seeing the tentative agreements. As if there was any doubt about their goals, organizers of the Chicago rally hung a banner behind the speakers that read: “Auto Workers Back to Work.”

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