Barbenheimer Movie About Nuke-Threatening Doll in the Works

source : consequence.net

It’s B-movie Barbie! Survivors of this summer’s ‘Barbenheimer’ phenomenon will get a chance to see a feature film nominally inspired by the July double premiere weekend of Greta Gerwig’s Mattel toy remake Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s explosive biopic Oppenheimer.

Barbenheimerfrom prolific low-budget filmmaker and Puppeteer Series creator Charles Band will focus on Dr. Bambi J. Barbenheimer, a scientist doll living in Dolltopia with her friend Twink Dollman, who becomes disillusioned with the way people treat dolls and decides to build a giant nuclear bomb to destroy the real world. Fittingly enough, the synopsis reads: “They looked great and had a great attitude! Oh, and now they have the bomb.”

Despite the apocalyptic stakes, Barbenheimer will actually try to add some levity to a box office that has been taking itself too seriously lately, according to Band. “It’s so stupid,” said the director The Hollywood Reporter. “But it seems like every other feature is dark and depressing, and it’s like, God, we need a little humor going into 2024.”

“It’s also a chance to have fun with the bizarre combination of these two films and their juxtaposition Barbie‘s atmosphere and the darkness of Oppenheimer. When you combine that, you have such an opportunity for dark humor,” Band continued. “Everyone around the world is having fun with the idea of ​​(the ‘Barbenheimer’), so we should actually make it.”

The project hasn’t started filming yet and no casting announcements have been made, but it does have a script with several musical numbers written by Ninja Sex Party’s Brian Wecht. The budget is projected at just under $1 million, making it one of Band’s most expensive films of his total of nearly 400.

Although ‘Barbenheimer’ became a colloquial term this summer, the combination of the two films was not always without problems: in August BarbieGuest studio Warner Bros. apologized to Japan for an insensitive tweet that played up the craze.

source : consequence.net

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