Bradley Milton’s real estate venture surges early

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Grace Estate Agency director Bradley Milton never expected he would be looking at business growth just three months after launching his own property brand.

But that’s exactly where he finds himself 100 days into his association with the Agents’ Agency.

After a two-decade career in the sector, Bradley unveiled his community-focused real estate offering on the Sunshine Coast in July this year.

And he notes that the response and support has been nothing short of “exceptional.”

Grace Estate Agency was founded on the steadfast idea of ​​giving back to the community, and its genesis stems from an unforeseen life event experienced by Bradley and his wife Maxine.

Seven years ago, Maxine suffered a brain hemorrhage shortly after the birth of the couple’s fourth child, which forced her to learn to walk and talk again.

The incident caused the couple to reevaluate their goals, shifting their primary focus to helping others.

“It really crystallized what’s important in life, and that doesn’t necessarily mean working seven days a week, it’s about helping others,” Bradley explains.

The couple’s business venture is based on that philosophy and it quickly began to resonate in their community.

“It’s been very well received,” says Bradley.

“We’ve had a lot of calls and previous clients we’ve worked with are coming back.”

In just three months, Bradley and his team have brought ten properties to market, with five more in the pipeline.

“Personally, this past month is shaping up to be my best month ever,” says Bradley.

Bradley attributes much of that success to his partnership with the Agents’ Agency and the support the national network provides behind the scenes.

“From onboarding to communications, branding and technology plug-ins, the process was seamless,” he says.

“But more importantly, they actually care, which is rare these days.”

Among the elements Bradley values ​​about the Agents’ Agency are its social media savvy, marketing guidance and ongoing training, which he says are proving invaluable to newer members of his team.

“It was great for them to see how much support and training is available,” he notes.

“Meanwhile, our customers have commented on how clean our branding is and how easy it is to work with us.”

Having a family of his own, Bradley especially appreciates the caring nature and family spirit of the Agents’Agency.

“They are really family-oriented and supportive,” he says.

“We felt nothing but love and it was an experience that exceeded our expectations.”

Now that the first 100 days are behind him, Bradley says his team is already embracing a growth phase.

In addition to the listings in its pipeline, the tight-knit team is preparing to expand and grow their rental role.

“When you make such a transition, there is usually a slow phase,” he reflects.

“But it took us less than three months to find our feet and now we are entering a growth phase.”

For any questions and more information about how Agents’Agency can help you take your career to the next level, visit or email [email protected].

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