‘Britain’s loneliest sheep’ rescued after being stranded on cliff for 2 years

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A sheep dubbed ‘Britain’s loneliest sheep’ has been rescued by a group of farmers after being stranded at the foot of a cliff in the Scottish Highlands for two years.

The sheep, now named Fiona, was rescued by five men using heavy equipment on Saturday, said one of the rescuers, Mr Cammy Wilson.

Two of the men remained at the top of a cliff to operate a winch, while three others were lowered 800 feet lower to reach the sheep, the BBC reported.

The ewe was found in a cave.

“We got the sheep up an incredibly steep slope,” said Mr Wilson, a sheep shearer from Ayrshire county in south-west Scotland, who was prompted to set up a rescue after reading about the animal’s plight .

“She is too fat, and it was a chore to lift her up that slope,” he added in a video on Facebook, showing the rescued ewe in the back of their vehicle.

In a video update a few hours later, Mr Wilson said Fiona was in an “incredible condition, apart from the (thick) fur coming off tomorrow”.

The animal was first spotted by Ms Jillian Turner during a paddling trip in 2021. On a recent trip, she was shocked to see the same sheep – now sporting overgrown fur.

Mrs Turner described the situation as ‘heartbreaking’ and said: ‘The poor ewe has been alone for at least two years – for a flock animal to be tortured, and she seemed desperate to contact us. we passed her twice.”

British newspapers reported this, calling the ewe “Britain’s loneliest sheep,” prompting animal lovers to ask her for help.

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says it is aware of the stranded sheep but cannot find a safe way to save it.

The organization said it was on site on Saturday when the rescue took place.

“The team successfully raised the ewe and our inspector examined her,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“Fortunately the sheep is in good physical condition, apart from the need to be sheared. She will now be taken to a specialist home in Scotland to rest and recover.”

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