‘Bull proof’ vest saves Qld cop from life-threatening injuries

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Queensland Police have released dashcam footage of the fatal moment an officer was trampled by an angry bull in south-west Queensland, with a new device saving them from serious injury. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Queensland Police have now released harrowing dashcam footage that captured the incident on the Warrego Highway, showing the vicious attack from the wheel on the officer.

Equipped with an integrated load-bearing vest that combines ballistic and edge weapon technologies in its textile and design, the officer was able to walk away from the incident without serious injury.

“It is clear that the police job is quite diverse. You never know what to expect on a daily basis,” the officer said.

“But that was quite unexpected, and I admit, it was a bit of a shock.

‘I don’t want to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t worn that vest, but let’s just say I’m pretty glad I had it on. It certainly did its job.”

A Queensland police officer was assaulted by a mate in Morven, near Charleville, on July 26 after responding to a cattle truck rollover along the New England Highway.

January’s statewide rollout of ILBVs to frontline officers in Queensland saw more than 3300 issued as part of police personal equipment, while a further 6000 officers have been measured and awaiting their bull-proof protective vests.

Acting Senior Sergeant Lisle Manthey from the Organizational Capability Command said the vests had already proven their exceptional ability to keep officers safe, even if somewhat unconventionally.

A Queensland police officer was charged by a bull after responding to a cattle truck rollover along the New England Highway at Morven, near Charleville, on July 26.

“The officer attacked by the bull was able to walk away from this incident because of the impeccable safety and capabilities of this vest. Without this, the officer could have suffered life-threatening injuries or worse,” Sergeant Manthey said.

“These vests not only ensure that officers can carry their equipment safely on a daily basis, but also provide additional protection against offenders who may be armed with knives or firearms or, in this case, fall victim to a charging bull.

“The combination of both soft and hard amour ensures that the vest can spread a wide range of impacts. No matter what an officer is hit with – big or small – the vest will distribute the impact of the force or trauma, potentially avoiding fatal consequences for the officer.

The bull-defying equipment also won QPS a global award at the Network Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors awards in the United States earlier this year.

QPS expects the rollout of ILBVs to be completed by 2024.

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