Citrus packaging orders also affected by off-season weather

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Compared to last year, the current trend of the citrus season shows an increase in pre-campaign orders for packaging companies. This is because the farms had or expected a satisfactory harvest.

This trend is confirmed by Antonio Castelluccio, Sales Manager of Pack System, a company specialized in the processing of cardboard, plastic and wood packaging.

“So far, the orders have not been converted into actual deliveries,” explains the operator, “because the campaign has been significantly delayed due to the persistent mild weather. In October alone, compared to last year, the total amount of De packaging (primary and secondary) delivered to our customers fell by 20 percent, in line with the delays caused by the off-season weather and prolonged heat. This has had an impact on our business; while all the product we expected to deliver this month due to the lack of demand for packaging, we are forced to hold more material on hand in the hope of being able to dispose of the stock in the coming months. There are approximately 20 citrus farms we supply to, operating between Basilicata , Calabria and Puglia.”

However, the weather not only affects the current citrus season, but also that of other references. “A cold, rainy spring and early summer extended the strawberry season, but had a negative impact on the stone fruit season. The unusually warm weather in September/October delayed the grape season, but also delayed citrus fruit ripening by about 20 days. The harvest has just started.”

Overall, packaging is less of a burden on agricultural budgets than it was a year ago. “Packaging costs have varied widely in recent months; in the first half of the year we saw a significant drop in the cost of plastic packaging and, to a lesser extent, paper packaging. While paper raw materials continued to decline, albeit To a very limited extent, plastic raw materials experienced a slight increase in the summer, especially in the case of polypropylene (PP), but the price increases were moderate and did not lead to significant increases in packaging prices.”

The packaging that citrus companies use has not changed much from the past. The choice also depends greatly on the processing and size of the citrus. “In general,” says Castelluccio, “for bulk processing we sell quite a few 2 kg boxes, which are perhaps the most popular sizes, especially for clementines and mandarins. The other types used, also in bulk, are the 40×30 cm. boxes, in different heights depending on the number of rows and the size of the citrus fruit. As secondary packaging for the cardboard trays of 2 or 2.5 kg, we are very popular for 50×30 cm, but also 60×40 cm.”

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