Climate activist storms out of fiery interview with Andrew Bolt

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A heated debate between Sky News Australia presenter Andrew Bolt and a former Australian High Commissioner turned climate campaigner has ended with the activist storming the set.

Climate activist Gregory Andrews has stormed out during an interview with Sky News presenter Andrew Bolt. The two were engaged in a heated debate over the activist’s decision to go on a hunger strike until the government has a timeline to stop exporting fossil fuels. Andrews has been on hunger strike for seven days and claims he will not stop until the government stops the massive exports of coal and gas. “I’m trying to answer your question, but you keep interrupting me, and I’d like you to show me some respect,” Mr Andrews told Mr Bolt. “I didn’t ask the question,” Bolt said. Mr Andrews replied: “You are rude”.

The former diplomat has just completed the seventh day of a hunger strike outside Parliament House to pressure the Albanian government to end fossil fuel subsidies, phase out Australian coal and gas exports and end to the logging of native forests.

On Wednesday evening, the former high commissioner to Ghana appeared on the Bolt Report to discuss his strike, claiming his family “fully supported” his decision despite the possibility of starving to death within weeks.

However, the tense interview turned into a heated exchange after the activist accused Bolt of “bullying” him.

“You only have two weeks to live with the stupid idea that your daughter has no future,” Bolt said.

“You’re betraying her, and you’ll betray her twice over if you go through with this. But we’ll see. If you do, I’ll come back in two weeks to check it out.”

“That’s great. I really wish you had better manners because you’re rude,” Mr. Andrews said before pulling out his earpiece and leaving the studio.

The debate heated up minutes earlier after Andrews argued that the Albanian government currently “spends more” on fossil fuel subsidies than it does on the Australian military, despite the “existential threat” of climate change.

Andrews is on a hunger strike to pressure the Albanian government to take immediate action on climate change. Photo by Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images.

“The Australian government provides $11 billion a year in fossil fuel subsidies to major corporations that can fund 140,000 teaching or nursing positions or build 22 world-class hospitals,” Andrews said.

“They spend more on fossil fuel subsidies than they do on the military. But climate change is a huge risk to our national security, and they are actually ruining our national security, putting climate change at risk.”

“I’ll tell you what: (the government) spends ten times more on the poor,” the Bolt Report host responded.

“Andrew, by the end of this century, if my children are still alive, three to six billion people will no longer have a safe place to live on Earth if emissions continue to grow as they are and the Albanian government does not listen,” The Mr Andrews replied.

Mr Andrews was once the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana. Photo: News Corp.

The Bolt host then asked Andrews if it was “fair” to threaten to end his own life if the government does not take immediate action to combat climate change.

“Is it fair or mature to stage this hostage drama with yourself where you say: do as I say, otherwise I will commit suicide?” he asked the activist.

In an emotional response, the former diplomat, who lives in Canberra with his wife and children, pointed out that his daughter attends the same public high school that Finance Minister Katy Gallagher once attended, but that his daughter “will have less of a future.” . ” because of fossil fuel subsidies approved by Ms. Gallagher.

“My daughter doesn’t have the future that Katy Gallagher has,” Andrews said.

“And Katy Gallagher is sitting behind me in Parliament House and she is endorsing double equity parades, billions of dollars a year in fossil fuel subsidies that are destroying the future of our children.”

Prince William and celebrities have walked the ‘green carpet’ for the annual Earthshot Awards Ceremony in Singapore. Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and actress Cate Blanchett were among the stars who attended the awards last night. The Duke of Windsor says the past year has been challenging tackling climate change. Five winners were announced during the ceremony. One of the winners was a company that helps farmers reduce food waste.

Social media users were quick to respond to the polarizing interview with one viewer claiming it was Mr Andrews who was “rude” and not Mr Bolt.

“I just watched your interview. Andrew wasn’t rude. You were the rude one. You wouldn’t answer any questions. Your actions were embarrassing,” the viewer wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).

“Wouldn’t answer a question, just wanted his side of the argument,” a second user added.

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