‘Disgusting’: Another Brand accusation

source : www.news.com.au

A woman who claims comedian Russell Brand sexually assaulted her on the set of a film has spoken out, calling his behavior ‘disgusting’.

Russell Brand has been accused of sexually assaulting an extra on a film set in a new lawsuit filed in the US.

The actress, who was an extra in the 2011 film, filed court papers in New York on Friday alleging that Brand exposed himself to her in full view of other cast members and then entered the bathroom with her and assaulted her.

She claims a member of the film’s production crew was “guarding the door from outside” during the alleged assault.

The woman has asked the court for anonymity and has not been named in the media.

“I felt used and abused. Disgusting is the only word,” she told Britain’s Sunday Times in her first interview on the matter.

“I felt like I was being used, that I was an object of his temporary excitement.”

Russell Brand in 2008. The alleged attack happened two years later, during the production of Arthur in 2010. Photo: Jewel Samad/AFP

In court documents, the woman described her “extreme embarrassment, shame and fear” as a result of Brand’s alleged behavior.

“I’m trying to get my power back by talking about it,” she said.

“And if there are other people who have experienced something like this, I want to help them have the courage to come forward as well. Because honestly, that gave me the strength to do this.”

She said Brand appeared “intoxicated” on set, had “a bottle of vodka” and “smelled like alcohol.”

Fire was recently the subject of an extensive investigation by The times And Shipmentsa program on Britain’s Channel 4, in which he was accused of years of sexual abuse, emotional abuse and even rape.

Brand denies any wrongdoing and claims all his relationships were “consensual.”

“I just don’t think I would have felt like (speaking),” the woman said.

“If other women see another woman talk about what happened to her, hopefully they will find the strength within themselves to speak out.”

Brand addresses the allegations on his YouTube channel.

The joint investigation involved allegations made by four separate women.

One claims Brand raped her against the wall of his Los Angeles home. Another claims he had a relationship with her when she was 16, still a high school student, and that he was in his 30s. She has accused him of ‘the behavior of a groomer’.

A third woman says she was attacked by Brand in Los Angeles and repeatedly told him to get off her, only for him to turn around and become “angry.” And a fourth claims the comedian abused her both physically and emotionally in Britain.

source : www.news.com.au

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