Disney Dreamlight Valley Unleashes New Horizons with Multiplayer and Expansion

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Disney Dreamlight Valley, the highly anticipated game from developer Gameloft, will make a grand entrance with its full release on December 5 and beyond. While the early access phase has already impressed players, the upcoming update will take the experience to a whole new level.

One of the most exciting features is the introduction of multiplayer ValleyVerse. Players can now visit each other’s villages, participate in different activities and even exchange items. The addition of Scrooge McDuck’s shop, with its unique inventory, further adds to the immersive multiplayer experience. Gameloft has promised continued improvements and expansions to the multiplayer mode in the future.

In addition to multiplayer, Dreamlight Valley is also enhanced with a paid story expansion called A Rift in Time. This expansion promises to take players on an epic journey, unlocking an all-new map known as the Eternity Isle. At the same size as the base game map, Eternity Isle offers a greater focus on verticality and secrets. It introduces three beautiful biomes: the port city of Ancients Landing, the desert-themed Glittering Dunes, and the lush Wild Tangle jungle.

In addition to the new map, A Rift in Time gives players access to new animals, such as capybaras, monkeys and cobra snakes, that can be tamed. New leaves, cooking ingredients and recipes have also been added to enhance the immersive experience. Additionally, players will encounter new villagers such as Gaston, EVE and Rapunzel, each with their own unique missions and rewards.

The expansion also introduces the Hourglass tool, which can help find hidden treasures lost in time. Additionally, players can enjoy a board game-style mini-game and automate certain gameplay tasks with Ancient Machines. These exciting features will be bundled with Chapter 1 of the expansion, and future chapters are scheduled for release in Spring and Summer 2024.

Looking ahead, Gameloft has unveiled a slew of free updates for the game. Players can anticipate the arrival of Monster Inc.’s beloved characters Sulley and Mike, as well as new realms inspired by Mulan and Daisy Duck. Tiana from Princess and the Frog will also make her debut next summer. Each update comes with a new paid Star Path.

Exciting news also awaits Apple Arcade subscribers, as Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available as a special Arcade Edition on iOS. This version includes the base game and expansion, without monetization aspects. Weekly premium store updates and Star Path challenges will not be present, but all free updates will be available.

As the full release of Disney Dreamlight Valley approaches, fans can expect a remarkable adventure filled with new friends, diverse landscapes and captivating stories. Available on Xbox Series


Q: When will Disney Dreamlight Valley be fully released?
A: Disney Dreamlight Valley will be fully released on December 5th.

Question: What is the multiplayer feature in Dreamlight Valley?
A: Dreamlight Valley introduces a multiplayer feature called ValleyVerse, which allows players to visit each other’s villages, participate in activities and trade items.

Question: What is the paid story expansion called?
A: The paid story expansion is called A Rift in Time.

Question: What does the A Rift in Time expansion offer?
A: The A Rift in Time expansion features a new map called Eternity Isle, new animals, biomes, villagers, tools, and a mini-game.

Q: What updates can players expect in the future?
A: Players can expect updates with new characters, realms, and a new paid Star Path.

Q: Do Apple Arcade subscribers have access to Disney Dreamlight Valley?
A: Yes, Apple Arcade subscribers can access a special Arcade Edition of Disney Dreamlight Valley on iOS.


– Multiplayer: a mode in a game in which several players can play together in the same game world or undertake activities together. In the case of Dreamlight Valley, players can visit each other’s villages and communicate with each other.
– Expansion: An additional content release for a game that adds new features, maps, characters, etc.
– Biomes: different ecological communities that exist in different regions and are characterized by certain plant and animal species.
– Monetization: The process of generating revenue from a product or service, often through the sale of in-game items, upgrades, or subscriptions.

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