Friday, November 3, 2023 – These 4 New Horror Movies Released Today

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Halloween may be over, but the truth is, it’s ALWAYS Halloween if you’re a horror fan. And even though networks like AMC and Freeform are no longer showing Halloween movies, make no mistake: the flow of new horror releases NEVER stops. We promise. Speaking of which…

Here’s all the new horror released Friday November 3, 2023!

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A brand new shark attack horror film is swimming our way today on digital outlets from Gravitas Ventures, this one titled Deep fear and mixing sharks, storms and…cocaine?!

madalina Ghenea (House of Gucci) And Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) leads the cast of Deep fearwhich markets itself as a sort of stealth ‘Cocaine Shark’ film.

“Located in the Caribbean, Deep fear is an intense and visceral survival thriller with furious action throughout. Madalina Ghenea stars as Naomi, an experienced sailor around the world, who goes on a solo voyage to meet her boyfriend Jackson (played by Ed Westwick) in Grenada. Her peaceful three-day sailing trip aboard the 14-meter yacht ‘The Serenity’ takes an unexpectedly dark turn when a storm forces her off the planned course.

“She circles an uninhabited, reef-fringed island and responds to a distress signal to help a sinking ship, where she finds survivors clinging to the shattered remains of a boat. Events soon take a vicious turn when the survivors are revealed to be savage drug traffickers who force Naomi to dive into the hull of the sunken wreck to retrieve 350 kilos of cocaine. The plan is thwarted when Naomi is surrounded by a rampaging great white shark, lured by the dead bodies in the wreckage. In a tense and deadly undersea attack, Naomi must use her wits, skills and determination to survive both the narcos and one of nature’s most awesome apex predators.”

Macarena Gómez, Stany Coppet, Ibrahima Gueye, David Legeusse, Marianna Garradas, Marco Canadea, John-Paul Pace, Tenika Mahoney, Shane Rowe And Natasja Tikasz also star. Marcus Adams (Dead long ago) directed Deep fear.

Based on true events, the new horror film from Lionsgate Beeper marks the directorial debut of Andy Armstrongand is available today on digital and on-demand.

In BeeperTyrese Gibson (The fast and the furious franchise) and Theo Rossi (“Sons of Anarchy”) star in this terrifying thriller, inspired by real events.

“When young women in a small town begin disappearing, a police officer and a clever social worker follow leads to a remote pig farm, where they discover that the local butcher has brought his work home. Enter the world of a serial killer and experience the blood-curdling horror of a film that will take your breath away.”

Wes Chatham (“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2”), Katherine Moennig (“Ray Donovan”), Ronnie Gene Blevins (“The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It”), Danielle Burgio (“Fear the Walking Dead”) and Christina González (“Cruel Summer”) also plays a leading role.

Sundance divinity

A retro sci-fi thriller, executive produced by Steven Soderbergh, Divinity recently premiered at Sundance, and the film is getting a wide theatrical release this week.

From distributors Utopia and Sumerian, Divinity opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, November 3, following a limited theatrical rollout in New York and Los Angeles.

Eddy Alcazar wrote and directed Divinity. Here’s the plot summary…

Scientist Sterling Pierce is set in an alien human existence.Scott Bakula) dedicated his life to the quest for immortality and slowly created the building blocks of a groundbreaking serum called ‘Divinity’. Jaxxon Pierce (Stefan Dorff), his son, now controls and manufactures his father’s once benevolent dream.

Society on this barren planet has been completely corrupted by the supremacy of the drug, whose true origins are shrouded in mystery. Two mysterious brothers (Moses Arias And Jason Genao) arrive with a plan to kidnap the mogul, and with the help of a seductive woman named Nikita (Karrueche Tran), they will be set on a path that hurtles toward true immortality.

Bella Thorne also plays in the film, with music by DJ Muggen And Dean Hurley.

Trace Thurman reviewed Divinity for Bloody Disgusting and called the film a “stunningly original, bizarre sci-fi trip.” Trace writes: “The world-building is beautiful, so it’s no wonder a guy named Soderbergh chose to produce the film. Divinity is an ambiencebut what the film lacks in commercial appeal it more than makes up for in a seemingly endless amount of creativity.

A bumbling wedding party must battle the forces of hell when a bride becomes possessed by the devil (her ex-boyfriend) the night before her wedding. Courtney becomes possessed.

The video of Jono Mitchell And Madison Hatfield is now available on VOD.

“It’s the ultimate showdown between love and the underworld when bride-to-be Courtney runs into an ex problem: her old flame is none other than the devil himself, and she knows he’s close. With her marriage on the line and the Prince of Darkness lurking, Courtney does her best to protect her childhood home on the eve of the wedding. But when her evil sister accidentally invites Satan (more casually known as Dave) in, he possesses Courtney, throwing a demonic wrench into her happily ever after plans.

“Courtney’s team of reluctant heroes, including her sister, a perfectionist best friend and a skeptical future sister-in-law, must find a way to exorcise Dave, reclaim Courtney’s soul and get her down the aisle with as little bloodshed as possible.”

Lauren Buglioli, Madison Hatfield, Jonathon Pawlowski, Najah Bradley, Zae Jordan, Aditi GeorgeAnd Steven Reddington star in it Courtney becomes possessed.

source : bloody-disgusting.com

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