Geary excited to be part of Dogs family

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Incoming development and player leadership coach Jarryn Geary says a key part of his role will be harnessing the talent and potential of the 2024 playing group.

Geary made 207 appearances for St Kilda before retiring in 2022, and after a year away from football, he said he is ready for a fresh start in clubland.

“I’m really excited to get back into football,” he said.

“I’ve been away for a year and learned a lot of things business-wise, but I’m very excited to be back in a familiar environment – ​​albeit at a different club. I’m happy to be part of the Dogs family.

“I think it seems like a great group of people to come to a fresh place and a new environment with the experience (in coaching) that Bevo has – as a premiership coach and has done so for so long – along with the other guys here . .

“Chris Grant is a great person and a great footy person too – so being surrounded by great people gives me the opportunity to learn from them too.

“To be such a young coach and so new to this environment, and to have those guys to learn from, along with a talented group of players, is something that really excites me.”

Geary said he will use some of his own experiences as a player to relate to the squad and accelerate their individual development.

“I was 16 years (at St Kilda), which is a long time, so I learned a lot and had my own challenges with injuries, and learned a lot about resilience,” he said.

“The great thing about it here is that they have a great roster with a lot of talent, so I think for me and part of my job it will be to get the best out of the players and make sure they get the opportunity to to perform at a high level. every week at a high level.

“What I want to do is help them discover their potential.”

The AFL playing group will begin preparing for the 2024 season later this month.

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