Here Are Diablo 4’s Five New Malignant Rings, Patched In Soon

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Diablo 4’s big announcement at BlizzCon was a new Vessel of Hatred expansion, but in the more near future the game is about to patch five new legendaries to hunt starting Tuesday, November 7.

These aren’t just any legendary, but this is based on something the Diablo 4 team said a while ago, namely that specialized seasonal powers can be added to the game permanently if they’re fun and balanced enough. That’s what’s happened, as Season 1’s Malignant Hearts returns in the form of Malignant Rings.

While Malignant Hearts has added a lot of different powers to the game, this is kind of a composite, refined version of some of the class favorites. So that left us:

  • Rogue, twisting gang of deceit – Using a subterfuge skill leaves a trap that continually taunts and lures enemies. The Decoy Trap explodes after 3 seconds, causing (5,500-8,300) shadow damage. Can occur every 12 seconds.
  • Wizard, the iridescent loop of Tal Rasha – For each type of elemental damage you deal, you take (10-14%) more damage for four seconds. Dealing elemental damage renews all bonuses.
  • Barbarian, Ring of Red Furor – After spending 100 Fury within 3 seconds, your next cast of Hammer of the Ancients, Upheaval, or Death Blow is a guaranteed Critical Strike and deals (10-30%) bonus Critical Strike damage.
  • Druid, the inexorable will of Airidah – When you use an ultimate ability and again five seconds later, you draw in distant enemies and deal (1,300-2,700) physical damage to them. The damage is increased by 1.0%x per 1 point of Willpower you have.
  • Necromancer, Ring of the Sacrificial Soul – You automatically activate the following equipped skills on corpses around you: lift skeleton every (2-1) seconds, corpse explosion every (2-1) seconds, corpse vines ever (16-8) seconds.

So most of these are extremely good. Many of them were among the most used forces last season. I only played Necromancer at the time, but the automatic deployment of Corpse abilities without me having to do anything was a godsend, and this would be a must-use for me.

You’ll be farming these from the new endgame boss Varshan the Consumed, the one you fight at the Tree of Whispers. And they are not seasonal; they will be in any eternal or seasonal realm in the future. No, we can guess that maybe some vampiric forces will make their way into the game next one season, because it really seems like they are meant to be a testing ground for new, unique rewards. Get ready to farm after the patch on Tuesday.

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