How to Train Your Dragon Remake Delayed to Summer 2025

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Dreamworks’ How to train your dragon movies were popular hidden gems in the 2010s, and it seemed inevitable that the series would eventually return in some form. (At least in the movie, because the series chugs along various TV spin-offs.) Earlier this year we learned that this would be the case thanks to a live action remake from the first movie.

That film was already far away, and is now being hit with a slight delay: instead of landing on March 14, 2025, the film Dragon remake will now be released on June 13 of that year. (That same date is also currently home to an unannounced Pixar film.) It’s a small delay in the grand scheme of things, but important, if only because it underlines how difficult it still is persistent actors strike affects productions with dates that are so far away. This film Production was originally scheduled to begin in Belfast last August, but those plans were clearly derailed by the strikes. Currently alone two cast members have been announced for the film: Mason Thames (The black telephone) will play Hiccup, a young Viking struggling to become a dragon slayer like the other warriors in his village of Berk; and Nico Parker (The last of us) will portray fellow assassin/eventual love interest Astrid.

Dragon Postponement is a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but important, if only because it underlines how hard the ongoing actors’ strike is hitting productions with dates so far away. Last night, studios made an offer to SAG-AFTRA, which is being considered at the time of writing, and negotiations are expected to continue through the weekend. If it goes through, the strike will end, and if it doesn’t, more films may be postponed. Several films intended for this year have already been moved to 2024 – see (or not) Dune: part 2, which was set to release this weekend, as well as two weeks ago – and the films originally slated for 2024 could be pushed back to later that year or 2025, depending on how things go.

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source : gizmodo.com

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