Influencer jailed for horrifying ‘honey trap’

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A self-styled ‘digital influencer’ was jailed for 23 years after luring a man into a brutal armed robbery with the promise of sex.

Australia’s most wanted man has been arrested in Turkey. An Australian cricketer is expected to return to the World Cup in India, and the woman at the center of the deadly mushroom meal saga has been charged.

Abel Landim was subjected to a brutal game of Russian roulette, while Roani da Silva’s friend Sampaio held a loaded revolver to his head.

Sampaio, 19, had agreed to meet Landim for sex in February 2021 at his luxury apartment in Teresina, Brazil. The sun reports.

But while she was entertaining him in the shower, her boyfriend Francisco Moises Sousa Batista Jr. vomited. – the son of a police officer – and two accomplices entered the building.

Influencer Roani Sampaio was jailed for 23 years for her part in a “honey trap” scheme to forcibly rob a wealthy businessman. Image: Newsflash

After tying Landim up with plastic zip ties, Batista beat him and used a revolver with two bullets to scare him and reveal where his valuables were stashed.

Prosecutors told the criminal court in Teresina that the frightened Landim finally cracked during a gruesome game of Russian roulette.

The gang stole cash, cameras and valuables and looted Landim’s bank accounts after forcing him to hand over his passwords and PIN numbers.

The 19-year-old distracted the victim with the promise of sex while her boyfriend and two friends broke into the house in Brazil. Image: Newsflash

Chilling CCTV footage of the crime was shown in court, with the victim having to endure a game of Russian roulette to give up his PIN number. Image: Newsflash

Chilling CCTV footage shown during the trial shows the gang kicking in the apartment door as they burst in armed with a .38 revolver and an automatic pistol.

But as they searched the house, Landim was able to call police who arrested Sampaio and her boyfriend on the spot.

Judges were told Sampaio helped plan the raid by tipping off her boyfriend about the time of the rendezvous and opening the security gates for him while acting as a “honey trap” for the victim.

The 19-year-old and her boyfriend were arrested at the scene. Image: Newsflash

She and the other gang members were sentenced to pay the victim $3,000 and spend a long time in prison. Image: Newsflash

Judge João Antonio Bittencourt Braga Neto jailed Sampaio – who local media reports call himself a digital influencer on social media – for 23 years and four months during a sentencing hearing on October 29.

Her friend Batista and accomplice Jean Carlos were tried separately and each received 20 years in prison on October 28.

Fourth gang member Thiago Ruan Martins de Sousa was also sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The defendants must also pay the victim a sum of $10,000 Brazilian Real ($A3,135).

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