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It has been four weeks since hundreds of hostages were brought to the Gaza Strip by Hamas militants.

Among the 242 hostages, 37 are children aged 18 or younger, according to The Hostage and Missing Families Forum – a group formed to demand the return of those kidnapped on October 7.

Israel says Hamas killed 1,400 people, mostly civilians, in last month’s attack – the deadliest day in its 75-year history.

Hamas-led health authorities in Gaza say more than 9,400 people – including thousands of children – have been killed since Israel began its attack in retaliation.

And while Israel has urged civilians to move to southern Gaza, the number of casualties is expected to rise in the coming days and weeks as Israel continues ground, sea and air operations in the north.

The Hostage and Missing Families Forum was launched in the days following the Hamas attack, with the mission “to demand the safe return of all civilians held hostage by the group’s militants.”

The volunteer-run group has also provided families of hostages with medical and emotional support, as well as professional help as they await news of their loved ones.

Top (LR): Kfir Bibas, Aviv Katz Asher, Emilia Aloni, Ariel Bibas, Yahel Gani Shoham, Or Yaakov (no photo).
Center (LR): Oria Brodutch, Yuly Konio, Ema Konio, Tal Goldstein-Almog, Gal Goldstein-Almog, Yuval Brodutch.
Below (LR): Noam Aviddori, Erez Calderon, Ela Eliakim and Daphna Eliakim (no photos), Raz Katz Asher, Ohad Munder Zachri, Alma Or

Top (LR): Nave Shoham, Ofry Brodutch, Hila Rotem-Shoshani, Eitan, Yahalomi Eitan, Sahar Kalderon, Liam Or.
Center (LR): Angel Yuval, Angel Ophir, Liri Albag, Noam Or, Angel Micah, Yagil Yaakov (no photo).
Below (LR): Noga Weiss, Agam Goldstein-Almog, Amit Shani, Mia Leimberg, Gali Tarshansky, Regev Itay

The youngest hostages include two-year-old Aviv Katz Asher and five-year-old Emilia Aloni, who loves puzzles.

Ariel, four, and his nine-month-old brother Kfir were taken to Gaza along with their parents Shiri and Yarden.

Their family describes Ariel as “energetic” and Kfir as “always smiling.”

Four-year-old Oria Brodutch, whose family reportedly loves eating ice cream and playing football, was also taken alongside his ‘musically gifted’ 10-year-old sister Ofry and his eight-year-old Lego-loving brother Yuval.

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Other siblings taken include 18-year-old Mika Engel and her younger sister Yuval, 10, who were kidnapped along with their parents Ronen and Karina.

Agam Goldstein-Almog, 17, was taken along with her younger brothers Gal, 11, and Tal, 9, and their mother Chen.

Others taken hostage include 18-year-old Liri Albag, whose life, her family says, “revolves around music and art”, and 12-year-old Avigodri Noam, who is described as “charismatic, energetic and caring”.

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