Israeli soldier flashes V for Victory sign as tanks roll into Gaza City to wipe out Hamas

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SOLDIERS showed V for Victory signs and planted Israel’s flag as their tanks rolled into Gaza City to wipe out Hamas.

The Sun witnessed their determination on Sunday as they took on the terror group responsible for the October 7 attack.

An Israeli soldier flashes a V for Victory as their tanks roll into Gaza City to wipe out HamasCredit: Dan Charity / Commissioned by The Sun

Sporadic gunfire erupted amid the loud explosions of outgoing artillery as the Israeli army fought constant battles.

They surrounded Al Shifa Hospital amid growing international concern.

Military leaders believe the Hamas terror squad is in a labyrinth of tunnels beneath the building and have vowed to smoke out its leaders.

Tonight, IDF Colonel Moshe Tetro said there were clashes between his troops and terrorist Hamas operatives around the hospital.

But he insisted the hospital remained open and denied it was under siege.

He said: “There has been no shooting in the hospital and there is no siege

“I personally spoke with the director of the hospital.

“The east side of the hospital remains open.

“In addition, we can coordinate with anyone who wants to leave the hospital safely.”

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