Jacob Elordi Stars in a Wild Coming of Age Story

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The big picture

  • The Sweet East is a twisted coming of age story that follows high school student Lillian as she navigates a series of intense and bizarre encounters outside her life in South Carolina.
  • Directed by Sean Price Williams, the film examines America as a series of concentric sects, challenging liberal punchlines and progressive logic.
  • Talia Ryder stars as Lillian, who takes audiences on a tour of society’s demand to be mocked, and is joined by a talented young cast including Jacob Elordi and Jeremy O. Harris. The film will premiere on December 1.

Sean Price Williams makes his directorial debut with The Sweet East, a bizarre coming of age story with a trailer that challenges you to go down the rabbit hole with him. Written by Nick Pinkerton, the film follows high school student Lillian as she is introduced to the world outside her life in South Carolina for the first time. While Lillian attends a school trip in Washington, DC, she becomes separated from her classmates. This forces her to communicate with different groups of people who each have their own strong beliefs and sense of reality. The trailer shows her getting caught up in an intense crowd ranging from potential pedophiles to groups taking part in racially charged rallies – making it clear that her journey will be far from normal.

After debuting at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, The Sweet East was reviewed by film critic David Ehrlich, and according to IndieWire, he described the film as an “unhinged” story. “Williams is an acclaimed cinematographer whose free-range aesthetic has become synonymous with some of the most bitter and/or wild independent films of the past fifteen years,” he writes. “Textured with Williams’s usual structure and kept alive by his keen eye for detail, ‘The Sweet East’ sees America essentially as a series of concentric sects… In real life it’s the stuff of modern American myth, but In the bizarre world of ‘The Sweet East’, every liberal punchline is taken at face value, and every bit of progressive logic is treated as a joke.”

Who stars in ‘The Sweet East’?

The film is overflowing with young talent

Talia Ryder stars in it The Sweet East as Lillian. She acts as a guide for the audience as Lillian, according to Ehrlich, leads everyone “on tour through some kind of stupid new hell” in a coming of age story that shows how society “demands to be mocked”. Participating in Ryder is Euphora And Priscilla star Jacob Elordi as Ian, one of the many personalities she meets during her journey. The talented young cast is completed Jeremy O. Harris (Emily in Paris) as Matthew, Ayo Edebiri (The bear) as Molly, Early cave (The school for good and evil) as Caleb, Rish Shah (Ms. Marvel) as Muhammad, Gibby Haynes (Seymour Ruck) as abbot, and Simon Rex (American) as Laurens.

The Sweet East It may be Williams’ first time in the director’s chair, but it’s been a long time coming, as he tells Variety he “never really wanted to be a cinematographer.” He worked as a skilled lensman for years before he was finally able to realize his dream because he “didn’t think anyone would ever give me money for it.” Luckily, his longtime collaborator (who also happens to be the film’s producer) Alex Ross Perry was able to put him in a room with the right people, and The Sweet East was born. Williams says the film has a strong “political element,” set against the backdrop of a “1968 rock concert.”

The Sweet East will premiere at the IFC Center in New York on December 1, followed by a national release. Watch the trailer below:

source : collider.com

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