Josh Radnor meets his ‘How I Met Your Mother’ son David Henrie for first time

source : www.thenews.com.pk

Josh Radnor meets his ‘How I Met Your Mother’ son David Henrie for the first time

Josh Radnor finally met his TV son David Henrie after almost two decades.

The How I met you Mother co-stars, who never shared the screen during the decade-long run of the critically acclaimed sitcom, took to their respective Instagrams to capture the legendary moment.

The photo showed the pair smiling at the camera as they stood next to each other in a hallway.

‘I found my father. Finally,” Henrie joked in the caption, adding a hashtag with the show’s initials.

Meanwhile, Radnor – a musician – referenced Cat Stevens’ 1970 song Father and son in his caption through part of the text describing the son’s desire to break free and carve out a new life for himself.

The iconic romantic comedy series ran from 2005 to 2014, with Radnor’s character Ted Mosby telling his son, Henrie’s character Luke, the story of his young adult life in New York City with his friends and how he eventually met and married his mother.

But Henrie only shared the screen with Lyndsy Fonseca, Ted’s daughter, for just a handful of scenes set in the year 2030.

Amazingly, all of their reactions and lines were advanced in 2006 to ensure that the teenage characters wouldn’t age while the couple sat on the couch and listened to their father, voiced by off-screen Bob Saget, spin the predetermined story into excruciating tales told. detail.

Fans of the show joined in in the comments section, with one asking Henrie: “Has he told you yet that you met your mother?” I’m sure it’s a very short and sweet story.”

source : www.thenews.com.pk

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