Kayaker Michaela Leger last seen wading into water at Wellington beach

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A grainy image shows a woman towing a yellow kayak as she enters the water with a dog by her side at a Wellington Beach.

For unknown reasons, Michaela Leger allegedly stole the single-seater kayak from a property near Raumati Beach on October 21.

The photo, taken by a member of the public, shows Leger dressed in a life jacket, red top and gray sweatpants, with a paddle under her arm and carrying a white and pink bag.

Michaela Leger has not been seen since she entered the waters of the Kāpiti Coast in this kayak over a week ago. (Delivered)

She is accompanied by her partner’s large dog.

The 29-year-old dragged the kayak to the water, entered the sea and paddled away in the dim light.

The dog did not enter the kayak, while Leger and Kāpiti Coast District Council confirmed it was in the pound’s care.

It is unknown who took Leger’s photo – other than the fact that they knew the kayak had been taken without permission – but this was the last time she was seen and the only publicly released photo of her.

At this stage, police said no other photographs of Leger were available.

An extensive search was carried out over the Labor weekend by air, land and sea to find her.

Police confirmed they found a kayak paddle in the area a few days later, but they couldn’t say if it was the one Leger was carrying.

“The type of paddle is the same, but due to its generic nature it cannot be confirmed if it was the exact paddle.”

Five days after her disappearance, Leger – who is from Ōtaki – was due to appear in the Wellington District Court on drug-related charges.

After she missed her court appearance, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Little is known about Leger and at this stage police said it ‘appears’ her family did not want to talk publicly about her disappearance or make a statement to the media.

Detective Senior Sergeant Peter Middlemiss has appealed to the public for anyone who may have seen the kayak in the days after October 21 to contact police.

Police are also asking that everyone along the coast be on the lookout for a yellow kayak that appears out of place or abandoned.

A team of investigators continued to follow any leads that could help locate Leger, with a police spokesperson saying police were concerned about her and are offering her support.

There is currently no physical search taking place and police said Leger’s family has been informed “the matter is now with CIB”.

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