Korean family fleeing Gaza departs for Seoul via Egypt

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A Korean family of five rides in a vehicle to go to a lodging center in Cairo on November 2, after entering Egypt from Gaza through the Rafah border, amid the armed conflict between Israel and the Islamist militant Hamas group . Yonhap

A Korean family who fled the besieged Gaza Strip for Egypt left for Seoul earlier this week.

The family of five, who had lived in Gaza for more than seven years, entered Egypt safely through the Rafah border on Thursday during an evacuation from the war-torn area. It is known to be a Korean woman, her naturalized husband of Palestinian descent and their three children.

After a three-day stay in Egypt, the family left Cairo International Airport late Sunday (local time) and will arrive in Korea after a stopover in another country. The family declined an interview request at the airport. (Yonhap)

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