Man charged after allegedly stolen ‘kill cars’ stashed across Sydney

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His arrest is the second of an alleged underworld car thief since early November.

Specialist officers from the anti-bicycle attack force Raptor and detectives from Magnus stormed homes in Cranebrook and Tregear on November 1, armed with search warrants.

CCTV shows a dark-clad figure walking away from an allegedly stolen Porsche Cayenne stored in Erskineville and towards a waiting Mazda CX5.Credit: NSW Police

A 31-year-old man was arrested and charged with 11 felonies related to seven separate alleged car thefts. He will spend Christmas behind bars on remand.

Magnus seized a total of 27 cars worth a combined $2 million and arrested 20 people on suspicion of involvement in supplying stolen cars to gangs.

Detective Chief Inspector Jason Weinstein, commander of Taskforce Magnus, said some of the vehicles were allegedly ‘kill cars’ intended by the underworld for use in violent crimes across Sydney.

Fuel cans were discovered in some cars, suggesting they were lying in wait for organized criminals to use in shootings before then being set on fire.

“We are not only solving the violent shootings that have come before us, but we are actively working to prevent more from happening,” Weinstein said.

“We know that cars are critical to organized criminal operations and that is why we are focusing so fiercely on them.”

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