Meta bars political advertisers from using its new generative AI tools in advertisements

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Facebook owner Meta is banning political campaigns and advertisers in other regulated industries from using its new generative AI advertising products, a company spokesperson said Monday, denying access to tools that lawmakers have warned could fuel the spread of election misinformation. can stimulate.

Meta’s advertising standards prohibit ads with content debunked by the company’s fact-checking partners, but there are no rules specific to AI.

The company made public the decision to ban certain advertisers from using its AI tools in updates posted to its help center Monday evening.

“As we continue to test new tools for creating generative AI ads in Ads Manager, advertisers running campaigns that qualify as ads for housing, employment or credit or social issues, elections or politics, or related to health, pharmaceuticals or financial services, are not currently permitted to use these generative AI features,” reads a note on several pages explaining how the tools work.

“We believe this approach will allow us to better understand potential risks and build the right safeguards for the use of generative AI in advertising covering potentially sensitive topics in regulated industries.”

The policy update came a month after Meta – the world’s second-largest digital advertising platform – announced it would expand advertisers’ access to AI-powered advertising tools that can instantly create backgrounds, adjust images and respond in response can produce variants of advertising texts. to simple text prompts.

The tools were initially only made available to a small group of advertisers earlier this year, but are on track to be rolled out to all advertisers worldwide by 2024, the company said at the time.

Guardrails Remain Secret While Big Tech Chases ChatGPT

Meta and other tech companies have raced in recent months to launch generative AI advertising products and virtual assistants in response to the frenzy over last year’s debut of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, which can provide human-like written responses to questions and other prompts.

The companies have so far released little information about the safeguards they plan to impose on those systems, making Meta’s decision on political advertising one of the most significant industry AI policy choices to come to light yet.


Alphabet’s Google, the largest digital advertising company, last week announced the launch of similar generative AI advertising tools for image resizing.

It plans to keep politics out of its products by avoiding using a list of “political keywords” as a prompt, a spokesperson said.

Google has also planned a policy update in mid-November to require election-related ads to include a notice if they contain “synthetic content that inauthentically depicts real or realistic-looking people or events.”

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