NASA walks back statement that humans will never visit Jupiter with apology

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NASA has apologized and retracted its statement stating that humans will never visit Jupiter, which apparently bothered many netizens.

The source of the NASA apology can be traced back to a NASA 360 post, which stated: “Is a visit to Jupiter on your bucket list? Let’s face the facts: that’s not going to happenThe post went on to promote NASA’sMessage in a Bottle“, asking the public to submit their names to the space agency so it can be engraved on an unmanned spacecraft headed to Jupiter’s moon Europa next year.

Despite the logistical issues, along with the obvious facts like Jupiter not even having a surface for humans to land on, netizens seemed extremely offended by the doubt insinuated by NASA’s post. SpaceX intern Nathan Commissariat commented on the post saying: “NASA (is) really here to tell kids to stop dreaming and instead engrave their name on a little sign. There are so many better ways to phrase this.


These responses were just a portion of what the post collected live in just a few hours, and NASA appeared to have watched as the agency wrote:Hey, folks, we made a mistake. We want to be clear. We’re always reaching for the stars (and planets and moons) and we want what we do to inspire you to do the same. Never stop dreaming!

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