None: India safe as long as its brave soldiers are at borders: PM Modi

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LEPCHA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said security forces have a big role to play in maintaining peace and keeping India’s borders secure at a time of rising global expectations on the country, as he flew to Lepcha in Himachal Pradesh to celebrate his Diwali to spend with soldiers.
Continuing his annual practice of spending time with armed forces personnel on Diwali, Modi also asserted that India is fast emerging as a major global player in the defense sector and the capabilities of its security forces are continuously increasing.

Global conditions are such that expectations from India are also constantly rising, the Prime Minister said. “At such an important time, it is necessary that India’s borders are protected and that there is an atmosphere of peace in the country, and you have a big role to play in this,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi, wearing the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). fatigue, said.

Watch: PM celebrates Diwali with soldiers at Lepcha border

“India will be protected till the time my braves stand on its borders, fearless as the Himalayas,” the Prime Minister said. He added that after independence, “these brave ones (army personnel) fought so many wars and won the heart of the country… Our jawans achieved victory despite the challenges”.
“It is said that ‘parv’ is the place where the ‘parivaar’ is. During festivals, being away from the family and deployed at the borders is an example of devotion to duty. The country owes you a debt of gratitude,” Modi told the soldiers .
“Therefore, on Diwali, one ‘diya’ is for your safety, and in every prayer, people wish for your safety,” the Prime Minister said, noting that he has been traveling to border areas on Diwali for the past 30 to 35 years to mark the anniversary. party with soldiers.

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