Pressure on Biden as Trump leads key states in opinion poll

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American journalist Megyn Kelly has warned Democrats of a possible major overdose in the next presidential election after a ‘complete swing’. towards Donald Trump in five of the six battleground states.

Sky News contributor Megyn Kelly says the polls are “absolutely devastating” for Democrats. “To the point where David Axelrod – the man who got Barack Obama elected twice – spoke explicitly and in writing about X and said it’s time for Joe Biden to step aside,” Ms. Kelly told Paul Murray, Sky News presenter. ‘He needs to search his soul. He should have private conversations at the White House residence with Jill Biden and discuss whether he is doing this for his ego or for the country. “Because he doesn’t want his legacy to give the White House back to Donald Trump.” Ms Kelly’s comments come after the New York Times revealed that US President Joe Biden is trailing Donald Trump in five of six swing states, according to the latest poll, a year after the 2024 presidential election.

The New York Times and Siena College poll released Sunday had Trump ahead in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania, while Biden led Wisconsin.

US journalist Megyn Kelly said it is time for the Democratic Party to sound the alarm as Trump would be on course to win more than 300 electoral votes – more than the required 270 – if the poll results remained the same.

“It would be an absolute landslide. All those states – the five of the six critical swing states that Joe Biden won in 2020, so this is a complete swing the other way towards Trump where he is now (leading) in these states that Biden won just a few years ago ,” she told Sky. News Australia host Paul Murray.

“The huge swing in Trump’s favor is undeniable and Democrats should be very concerned. This is as close to a five-alarm fire as you can get in electoral politics.”

There is pressure on President Joe Biden, with voter support heavily in favor of Donald Trump, a recent survey shows. Photo: Kiyoshi Ota/Pool/Getty Images

The only saving grace for Democrats in the polls is that if Trump were convicted of the criminal charges currently against him, he would lose about 6 percent of his support in some swing states, which could cause a backlash toward Biden.

Voters’ lack of confidence in Biden’s economic policies has earned him an approval rating of just 32 percent, compared to Trump’s 63 percent on the economy, according to CNBC’s All-America Economic Survey — a wide margin of which Kelly predicted that this would not change in the future. response to the country’s disillusionment with ‘Bidenomics’.

“The inflation that we’ve had here since he came to power and (he) spent trillions recklessly despite warnings that doing so at a time when we didn’t need it – it didn’t make any sense,” she said.

“People are still recovering from that. You earn €50,000 per year or €65,000 per year. You count every cent. Just because gas prices are down from a year and a half ago doesn’t mean you’ll bounce back immediately. Especially this inflation… it is much higher than when Trump was president.

“People feel it. About 17 percent of the electorate said they felt the change negatively economically under Joe Biden and about 18 percent said they felt it positively under President Trump, so it’s a polar opposite of saying “this guy stinks” and “this guy got my life made better’. ‘ and that’s why Trump is beating Biden when it comes to the economy.

Megyn Kelly, host of the Megyn Kelly Show, has criticized US President Joe Biden for “reckless” spending and causing a rise in inflation as the cost of living worsens. “Biden is out there calling it ‘Bidenomics.’ It’s like the American dream and everyone is sitting at home and can’t afford a pint of milk and saying, ‘It doesn’t feel like the American dream,'” she told Sky News presenter Paul Murray. “The inflation that we’ve had here since he took office and spent trillions, recklessly, despite warnings that it happened when he first took office… made no sense whatsoever. “He did it and the consequences were felt almost immediately. “About 17 percent of voters say they feel the change under Joe Biden economically negatively, and about 18 percent said they feel it positively under President Trump.”

Three senior Democrats have urged Biden to resign and run another candidate for the 2024 election, highlighting their fears about Sunday’s poll results.

David Axelrod, a former strategist for President Barack Obama, wrote on X that this would send “tremors of doubt” and “legitimate concern” through the party.

Director of the advocacy group Defending Democracy Together and former Republican Bill Kristol said, “It is time for an act of personal sacrifice and public spirit.”

“It’s time to pass the torch to the next generation. It’s time for Biden to announce he will not run for office in 2024,” he tweeted.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in five of the six key battleground states, despite currently being embroiled in a civil lawsuit. Photo: Brendan McDermid-Pool/Getty Images

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Andrew Yang, who was defeated by Biden in the 2020 Democratic primaries, said his reputation could go either way depending on whether he decided to run or not.

“If Joe Biden were to step aside, he would go down in history as an experienced statesman who defeated Trump and achieved a lot. If he decides to run again, it could go down in history as one of the biggest overreaches of all time and set us up for a disastrous second Trump term.”

Trump’s current civil fraud trial in New York has seemingly had little impact on his second presidential tilt, despite an explosive clash with a judge to the point where his lawyer was asked to “check” him.

The 77-year-old is dealing with a plethora of legal matters, including four criminal investigations and two ongoing civil lawsuits, as he balances his election campaign to return to office for a second term.

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