Project star’s X-rated on-air apology

source : www.news.com.au

Sarah Harris took a moment to apologize to Channel 10 bosses during Tuesday night’s show.

Harris spoke about crocodiles with co-stars Waleed Aly, Tom Cashman and Kate Langbroek as she made an X-rated confession.

Harris spoke about crocodiles with co-stars Waleed Aly, Tom Cashman and Kate Langbroek as she made an X-rated confession.

The panel was discussing the news that Queensland’s male crocodiles are “being driven into a mating frenzy by the sound and vibration of overhead Chinook helicopters” when things took an obscene turn.

Sarah Harris apologized to her Channel 10 bosses during the broadcast. Image from channel 10.

The owner of a crocodile farm in the state recently revealed that their mating season had started particularly early this year because they had been accidentally stirred up by the armed forces.

Harris explained: “That’s right – helicopters make the crocodiles horny. No, easy way to say that. Experts don’t know exactly why, but they think the helicopter sounded like a thunderstorm, which often excited the reptiles.”

Her co-stars then questioned how experts can even tell when the Crocs are ‘stimulated’, and it led to a cheeky confession from Harris.

“I’ve done a bit of a deep dive,” the presenter laughed, before turning straight to the camera to speak to Channel 10 bosses.

“Apologies to Channel 10 as I made some unsavory searches on my work phone this afternoon.”

Waleed then joked that Harris was just making excuses and teased, “Nice cover, Sarah.”

However, Harris didn’t stop there and she imitated the sound the ‘horny crocodiles’ make by hitting the table with her palm again and again.

Harris conducted a number of X-rated searches on her phone to research for the show. Image from channel 10.

“The drone is what they think is the helicopters,” Cashman explains.

“So have some empathy. Imagine that when a helicopter passed over, you heard a male human sex sound.

Longbroke then joined in with a laugh: “What would that sound like?” to which Cashman replied: “Probably: ‘Oops.’ Sorry’ or ‘Please’”.

John Lever, owner of Koorana Crocodile Farm in Rockhampton, Queensland, recently told the ABC that the bulls from his stable of about 3,000 crocodiles went into a mating frenzy when a Chinook helicopter passed low over the farm.

“All the big males stood up and roared and roared at the sky, and after the helicopters took off they mated like crazy,” he revealed last month. “There’s something about the sound waves that really gets them moving.”

source : www.news.com.au

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