Quiet Thursday, tough for local drama.

source : tvtonight.com.au

It was another quiet Thursday, but not great for local drama.

While Away from home attracted 389,000, it is certainly making good progress with viewers in Total TV, where there was an impressive number of 907,000 last Thursday.

But SBS drama Erotic stories was only 42,000 while 7mate’s Darradong Local Council was not much better at 45,000. In late slots, and one on a multi-channel, they can’t be expected to attract much of an audience, but neither has appeared in Total TV’s Top 30.

To be honest, there wasn’t much of a crowd anywhere at 9:30pm….

In the meantime 7:30 am then led with 397,000 RBT 389,000, an extended one Away from home from 7 p.m. (389,000 / 337,000), The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity (353,000), Martin Clunes: Islands in the South Pacific (331,000) and Every family has a secret (171,000).

Later Emergency then led to 309,000 Grand designs (291,000).

Nine networks won with 27.3% on Thursday, followed by Seven with 27.0%, ABC with 19.9%, 10 with 16.9% and SBS with 9.0%.

Nine news at 653,000/635,000 was best for Nine. A current issue then led with 563,000 Hot seat (322,000 / 212,000). Great miracles amounted to 135,000.

Seven news was number 1 with 799,000 / 760,000. The chase top entertainment at 428,000/267,000. Movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle amounted to 167,000.

The project attracted 248,000/160,000. 10 News First amounted to 197,000 / 140,000. Law and order: SVU was then 137,000 The cheap seats (83,000).

ABC news attracted 500,000. Miriam Margolyes: Australia exposed (155,000) and The drum (134,000) followed.

That was the case on SBS SBS World News (114,000 / 90,000), Luke Nguyen’s India (79,000), and Erotic stories (42,000).

Andy and the band on ABC Kids led multichannels with 103,000.

The morning show: 131,000 / 92,000
Extra today: 102,000 / 78,000

In Total TV numbers last Thursday were:

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity: 695,000
Celebrity glasses case: 794,000
Every family has a secret: 315,000
Away from home: 907,000
Football: Matildas vs Iran: 553,000
Martin Clunes: Islands in the South Pacific: 535,000

OzTAM Overnight stays: Thursday November 2, 2023

source : tvtonight.com.au

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