Robelinda2 account removed from YouTube after copyright strikes, vintage cricket highlights page, latest news

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A beloved account featuring vintage cricket highlights has been removed from YouTube after a series of copyright strikes, the validity of which is unclear.

Robelinda2, the account of Melburnian Rob Moody, was deleted on Sunday. When you try to access the page, an error message will now appear.

“The Robelinda2 YouTube channel has officially ended,” Moody tweeted.

“It was 14 years of fun! Thanks for looking!”

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The platform is extremely strict on copyright strikes and will delete accounts that receive three, removing all uploaded videos.

However, YouTube has been heavily criticized for allowing frivolous strikes, often by people who do not actually own the rights to the content. The accounts cannot be recovered either.

Moody had posted in recent days about threats from an account called @MarhabaCricketIndia, which appeared to undermine his content based on their “legitimate and exclusive digital rights” in Bangladesh.

“We urge the owner of robelinda2 to proactively remove the infringing content to avoid further penalties,” said a comment from the account.

On YouTube, the @MarhabaCricketIndia account has just 42 subscribers, mostly with videos on Bangladesh.

Only one of the 47 videos has been viewed more than 650 times: a 2010 match between India and Sri Lanka.

Moody has previously faced copyright threats on Twitter, but Cricket Australia said the claims were made in error and have been withdrawn.

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