Saturday Lotto Superdraw 4409 Makes 11 Millionaires

The official results of the Saturday Lotto Superdraw 4409, held on October 21, 2023, have been released, crowning 11 new multi-millionaires across Australia. Below you will find a detailed overview of the results:

Winning numbers:

The numbers drawn were, in order: 30, 29, 7, 2, 31, And 12 with the additional numbers: 9 And 33.

Price breakdown:

  • Division One: A total of 11 winners shared the jackpot prize of $20,000,000.00everyone received $1,818,181.82. The winners come from different regions: 4 from NSW, 4 from Queensland and 3 from Victoria/Tasmania/Northern Territory/WA.
  • Division Two: 117 The winners in this division each go home $9,958.05resulting in a total prize pool of $1,165,091.85.
  • Division Three: Of 2,352 winners, every individual will earn his money $749.75. The total prize pool for this division was $1,763,412.00.
  • Division Four: A significant number 111,715 winners will receive each $23.40which equates to a prize pool of $2,614,131.00.
  • Division Five: Each of the 275,007 winners in this division are rewarded $14.90leading to a prize pool of $4,097,604.30.
  • Division Six: The largest number of winners was in this division, with a total of 1,520,938 Attendees. Everyone will get $8.15resulting in a gigantic prize pool of $12,395,644.70.

The total prize pool for this Superdraw was $42,042,252.14 for all divisions together.

Dept Department award Division prize pool Winners


$20,000,000.02 11


$1,165,091.85 117


$1,763,412.00 2352


$2,614,131.00 111715


$4,097,604.30 275007


$12,395,644.70 1520938

Saturday Lotto, a weekly lotto draw held every Saturday, goes by different names across the country. In Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory it is known as TattsLotto; in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia it is called Saturday Lotto; Queenslanders recognize it as Gold Lotto; and in South Australia it is called Saturday X Lotto.

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