Should we bring back lockdowns?

source : www.theage.com.au

There is panic. As I back up, I crash rudely over the gutter and a “bad driver” warning beep sounds. Hit the brakes and wonder if it’s okay to leave that stupid thing sticking out of judgmental, neater cars. It seems like a lot of other things in my life now: chaotic.

There are the unbooked ultrasounds, the unpaid BAS installment, unsaid things. The last episode of the Beckham doco to watch, the condolence card for Kerry needs to be written, the deadline for the book manuscript is approaching.

What does everyone think about a quick lockdown after the races? Credit: SPECIALX HEAD

The floors that need to be washed, the summer blanket that needs to be found, the native flowers that need to be sent – ​​embarrassingly belatedly – ​​to Mary in honor of her citizenship ceremony. Wonderful woman, officially welcome to Australia, where at least one coastal matron is fighting.

Dad has five broken ribs and is finally out of the hospital, but mom is back. Their toy poodle will need to be taken to the groomer, where a walker can be purchased for. Blood pressure medications are ready at the pharmacy, a fruit loaf cut in a paper bag at the Belgian bakery for a restorative afternoon tea.


I drive back and forth between Geelong, their home and mine, arranging babysitters for our dogs along the way and fielding calls from my sisters two states away. My husband is in town, my heart is in turmoil because our daughter is moving to the Gold Coast for work, my teeth hurt all day from grinding all night.

Thursday morning, and my buddies Mia, Jayde and Flip jump on our group text. The opening game of “Mushroom Lady’s Gornarrested’ moves on to reality TV disappointments and the sighting of a male mutual acquaintance rocking Collins Street in elastic-waisted shorts to see how everyone feels under the pump.

One of us has had COVID and a respiratory infection for ten days (“The reverse kanga flu – starts in your throat, goes to your chest, then to your head, then back to your chest”) and another has a suggestion for a public service.

“I would be thrilled if Jacinta Allan declared a snap two-week lockdown after Stakes Day. Just a short break with a curfew and a five kilometer limit to get organized and rest. There are so many bad viruses going around and there is an Armadale nit plague that needs to be stopped.”

source : www.theage.com.au

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