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source : m.timesofindia.com

NCT DREAM recently had one autograph session for fans in Qingdao, China, where they met their excited Chinese fans. However, the event became unpleasant for some fans due to the actions of SM entertainment‘s staff. Fans noticed Jaeminone of the NCT DREAM members, was treated unfairly towards his fellow members.
During the event, fans noticed that Jeno and Jisung, who were sitting next to Jaemin, were wearing headbands and accessories given to them by fans. This attracted attention because Jaemin was not wearing items donated by fans. Instead, fans captured moments where Jaemin looked angry and didn’t join in the festivities. The fans who attended the event later revealed why this had happened.
Although fans had brought gifts for all seven NCT DREAM members, it was discovered that the staff had brought these gifts exclusively for Jaemin and did not allow him to accept them. One of Jaemin’s most dedicated fan sites expressed disappointment when they brought several headbands for Jaemin, only for the staff to take them away from him.
The way the staff treated Jaemin angered the fans, especially when they saw Jaemin trying his best to keep a cheerful attitude and interact with him. NCTzens (fans of NCT DREAM).
Fans were not silent about this incident. They expressed their anger towards SM Entertainment by trending the hashtags #JaeminDeservesBetter and #SM_BeFairToJaemin on social media to draw attention to Jaemin’s unfair treatment.

source : m.timesofindia.com

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