Suman Sen’s ‘Solo’ calls for social justice in India

source : variety.com

Indian director Suman Sen (Oscar-nominated short film “The Silent Echo”) is at the Taiwan Creative Content Fest 2023 with his in-development feature debut “Solo” (aka “Solo”).

The film revolves around a story about an everyday, 62-year-old diabetes insurer, Biplab, who is tormented by everyday trivialities. Feeling frustrated and hopeless with the community he lives in, he begins to question the government’s choice to erect a huge statue. However, his fight with a police officer inadvertently sparks a collective movement among people who share a similar dissatisfaction with their society.

Set in Calcutta, the story is based on Sen’s father’s real-life experience during municipal elections. Sen was traumatized when he saw his 70-year-old father attacked for standing up against rigged elections and subsequently becoming a symbol of civil society.

“The incident has left a permanent scar on my mind,” Senator said. “Our father’s generation failed us in every way, leaving us intellectually bankrupt, emotionally isolated and politically immobilized by their disregard for our society and our nation. The title of the film refers to the loneliness and vulnerability of an individual trapped in a pool of unproductive stagnation.”

“’Eka’ is Biplab’s individual odyssey. Our aim is to examine the erosion of the country’s fundamental social fabric as the country moves towards a fragile future and failing ambitions,” said Senator Sen.

Production is by Taiwan’s Flash Forward Entertainment, India’s Goopy Bagha, Suitable Photos, DW and Duo Film. It previously attended the 2019 edition of the Film Bazaar in Goa and has received funding from the Aide aux Cinémas du monde, a fund managed by the French National Council CNC. The film has a budget of $1,200,000, of which $700,000 has been raised.

Sen’s debut film “The Silent Echo” won thirteen awards worldwide and signed distribution agreements with HBO. Sen’s next short film, ‘Cry Me A River’, was shot in Taiwan and made with the support of the Taichung City Government Information Bureau.

“Kolkata is my hometown, it’s a place I have a complex, love-hate relationship with. I have consciously distanced myself from this city to maintain a clear perspective,” says Senator.

source : variety.com

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