Unmatched Brilliance: IQOO 12 Display Specifications Set New Industry Standards

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iQOO 12 Screen Specifications

Ready for its official release, the iQOO 12 series has created huge expectations within the tech community. This upcoming lineup, consisting of the iQOO 12 and iQOO 12 Pro, promises an amalgamation of advanced features aimed at both gaming enthusiasts and smartphone connoisseurs.

iQOO has diligently revealed a wealth of details, highlighting its gaming-focused features, camera specs, and visually captivating design. However, the latest revelation regarding the iQOO 12 screen specifications has set the hearts of tech enthusiasts racing.

The iQOO 12 leads the way in terms of features and has a 1.5K OLED flexible straight screen of no less than 6.78 inches. Setting a new benchmark, the display supports an unprecedented 2160 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, accompanied by a local peak brightness that reaches a remarkable 3000 nits, in line with the critically acclaimed Xiaomi 14. Furthermore, the refresh rate stands high at an astonishing 144 Hz, currently a of the highest on the market.

iQOO 12 Screen Specifications

A notable highlight of the iQOO 12’s display lies in the integration of LTPO technology. This innovative addition intelligently adjusts the refresh rate based on the content on the screen, ensuring a seamless and energy-efficient experience. It is designed to adjust the refresh rate dynamically and quickly, aiming to find the perfect balance between smooth visuals and battery savings.

Of particular note is the revelation from blogger Digital Chat Station, who revealed that the iQOO 12 Standard Edition’s screen is supplied exclusively by Visionox. This custom-built, top-level straight flagship display has been intricately customized by iQOO with a laser focus on meeting the needs of gaming enthusiasts.

As the countdown to its official release draws closer, the iQOO 12 Series is poised to make a resounding impact and showcase an unparalleled combination of design, performance and innovation. Enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to experience a display that is at the cutting edge of technological advancements and takes the gaming and visual experience on smartphones to new heights.

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