Uproar over passenger’s ‘inconsiderate’ act

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This traveler encountered this problem during a long-haul flight. A nine-second clip was enough to infuriate social media users.

The video, which was originally posted to Reddit and resurfaced online this week, showed a man reaching behind his seat and wiggling his fingers in front of the entertainment screen for the passenger in the row behind it.

That crazy passenger was trying to watch a movie.

The Reddit user who shared the video said it happened to their cousin during a long-haul flight.

This airline passenger was filmed touching the screen behind his seat during a long-haul flight. Image: Reddit

Many people who expressed outrage on behalf of the cousin couldn’t believe they hadn’t told the person to move their hands, but it’s unknown what happened before or after the nine-second clip.

“I refuse to believe anyone could be so obnoxiously inconsiderate,” one viewer wrote.

Others shared more creative ways to solve the problem.

“Time to pretend to sneeze,” one of the many suggested.

Another described how they did it: “I got some water on my fingers, ‘sneezed’ and wiped it on the hands at the same time.”

“I would literally lick his hand. It may be gross, but bye space invaders,” said a third, going one step further.

“Pick a booger and wipe him with it when you tap it to ask him to move his hands,” a fourth suggested.

“Anyone have a pen?” another wrote.

Social media users couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Image: Reddit

Someone else wrote: “Politely ask them to stop. If that doesn’t work, give them some gum…preferably recently used.”

Some decided it was best to make the problem passenger feel uncomfortable.

“You should have held his hands,” one wrote.

“This is a show of dominance; the only way you can be the assertive alpha is to reach over and give them a shoulder massage,” another joked.

But not all social media users thought the person should be punished.

“To be honest, sometimes I reach behind the headrest to stretch out a bit and forget that there is someone behind it,” one traveler explains. “When I think back, I’m of course a bit ashamed, although I’ve never gone as far as touching the screen. I’m just saying it may not be malicious or entitled.”

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