Weekly Astrology Forecast, November 5-11, 2023

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Each of us contains all twelve signs of the zodiac. Regardless of our sun sign, we hold every frequency, every invitation, and every direction of these different archetypes at different levels and spaces within us. As the planets shift, move, and dance in the cosmos between the signs, they simultaneously bring to life the ways in which we uniquely connect with and express that sign.

When Mercury shifts into Sagittarius this week, our inner aspects of that sign are emphasized, and this happens by drawing us more into our minds and expanding our awareness. And as Venus dances through Libra, it brings ease, magnetism, and loving energy to our unique expression of this sign and our relationship with Libra.

These transits not only contain overarching invitations, intentions and themes for us, they also support us in getting to know who we really are.

Libra, ruled by Venus, is usually depicted as hanging in the balance, symbolizing appreciation for balance and connection, partnership and beauty. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Venus enters Libra

Beauty. Love. Balance. Harmony. Link. Art. When the beauty in our environment brings inner peace, balance and appreciation that seems to melt through our body and mind. When the energy feels good and we feel the hum of resonance with another human being. This is Venus in Libra.

In astrology, each zodiac sign is ruled by its corresponding planet. Between the sign and the planet in pairs there is an innate harmony, understanding and shared intention. As they come together, the energy seems to flow and they feel safe, supported and inspired. When Venus enters Libra on November 8, 2023, she returns home to this feeling.

Venus is our planet of love. It invites us to participate in pleasure, harmony and an embodied sense of our self-worth. It speaks to our magnetism and desire, our values ​​and attraction. Libra has a similar energy and is our sign of love, partnership, cooperation and beauty. It moves gracefully through the world, bringing balance and connection wherever it goes. This pairing, which lasts through December 4, 2023, invites ease and flow within our relationships, an embodied awareness of our worth, and healing of our relationship with receiving the good in life, whether it be love, finances, our dreams and desires. or something else.

An illustration of the astrological sign for Sagittarius.
Sagittarius’ stubbornness can take you beyond your current perceptions and help you experience what exists… out there. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Mercury enters Sagittarius

When Mercury meets Sagittarius on November 10, it brings with it a hunger to explore new ways of seeing, understanding and exploring this vast world we find ourselves in. It’s adventure and expansion, perspective shifts and seeing the big picture.

Mercury represents our mind, thoughts, processing, learning and communication. Sagittarius is our search for meaning. Sagittarius is a fire sign full of passion and adventure and wants to take us beyond what we already know, see, live and are so that we can discover all that awaits us on the other side, leaving it open and expanding who we are and what we know and believe.

This combination, which will last until December 1, invites us to stand on top of the highest mountain, where we can look forward, behind, left and right. Where we can look into the small movements while maintaining the bigger picture. Where we can think about the big questions, like what our unique meaning in life might be or how it all started. Mercury in Sagittarius invites us to broaden our perspectives on life, to go beyond what we see and know in everyday life, and to find meaning in it.

A black and white illustration of a handwritten quote about letting the rest come easy, meaning Venus in Libra
(Illustration: unknown)

Your invitation

With two supportive transits this week, it’s an inspiring time to discover what brings you joy, love, peace, adventure and meaning.

There is an atmosphere of connection and conviviality this week, where you can witness the beauty of coming together with another human being and discover how much you can learn and expand your own experience and perspective on life. It is a week to appreciate beauty and reflect on cosmologies, to sink into your dreams and desires and explore new philosophies and perspectives, and to explore how to connect with yourself and everything with ease, receptivity and flow what you want in life.

Learn more about the influence of astrology in your life, including astrological events such as the moon cycles, your sun and moon and rising signs, how journal writing can help you connect with current influences, and more with Jordane Maree at Girl and her Moon.

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Jordane Maree is the founder of Girl and Her Moon, a platform and community that explores Soul through the lens of astrology, tarot and energy healing. She is a writer, intuitive astrologer, energy and soul guide and host of Girl and her moon, the podcast. She is inspired every day to be the mirror for you to see all that you really are, you in all your infinite powers, in total expansion, in infinite opportunity and love.

source : www.yogajournal.com

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