Who is Ballerina Farm mumfluencer Hannah Neeleman?

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Their life was perfect. At perfect.

The Ballerina Farm controversy.

In all of Hannah’s videos, in which she kneads her own bread and mixes her homemade pesto for her children, a mighty green stove stands proudly behind her. It’s not immediately apparent, but after a few of Hannah’s videos went viral, viewers started to get curious.

Then, earlier this year, super sleuths discovered it special the model costs about $30,000.

It’s worth noting that the family bought it second hand (which still costs). thousands), but by the time clarification was made, it was already too late… because social media is a temperamental beast.

It didn’t take long for internet sleuths’ TikTok videos to go viral. The videos show that their family is supported by hundreds of millions of dollars, allowing them to live quite comfortably.

Through the AGA hob, many people eventually learned about Hannah and her family’s finances. Their mighty but modest stove, which never goes out and runs on propane all year round, makes it clear that Hannah and Daniel are no ordinary farming family; in fact, it turns out they are heirs to a billion dollar fortune.

It’s thanks to Daniel, whose father is David Gary Neeleman and the founder of major airlines including Morris Air, WestJet, JetBlue Airways, Azul Brazilian Airlines and Breeze Airways.

The ‘problem’ is not the enormous wealth behind the family itself; for many it is the Neelemans’ lack of transparency, their inability to reveal that their ‘modest’ farm life is not so modest after all.

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